Casing the Joint

Finally back to work on the Grandfather Clock… I’ve mostly been milling up boards for the case that will “hold the pendulum” (it’s really going to hold shelves), but I finally started putting the case together today.

It’s only about half done, but I was moderately impressed with the work I did, so I wanted to take a couple pictures before heading inside for a snack.

The only downside is I managed to blow out a huge chunk of wood from one of the show faces, so i took some pictures. I was planning to add some mouldings to cover the dovetails, anyway, so I’ll just make them a little bigger to cover a big chunk of missing wood. The difference between a professional and an amateur isn’t that the professional makes less mistakes, it’s that he knows how to fix them.

(sorry for the crappy picture quality; I didn’t want to drag my big camera out in the rain)

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