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Right off the saw

I saw this awesome figure and decided I had to use it to make a panel. Of course, it’s only 6 or so inches wide and I didn’t have my board stretcher with me, so I knew I had to try my hand at resawing. So I did what I did best: I winged it.

Ok, I actually did a test cut on some pine first, but that didn’t make me feel any more confident when cutting the actual piece. There’s a slight difference between slicing straight-grained pine vs. figured walnut.

I did the resawing on my bandsaw and it actually went pretty well. Many articles and books have been written on the subject of resawing and many gadgets and jigs have been created. Turns out all I really needed was some careful setup. I made sure the fence was parallel to the miter slots and that the fence and blade were square to the table. While making the cut, I had to pay real close attention to ensuring that the board remained tight to the fence. 

If I was slicing paper-thin veneer, it probably wouldn’t work as well, but I’m not cutting paper-thin veneer.

The most beautiful picture you've ever seen

Glued up, planed, and splashed with alcohol


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