This is so awesome!

I couldn’t match the grain that well if I tried!

I was sorting through my walnut stash for the stiles and rails for the bottom case and the frame and panel door for the bottom case when I noticed this piece. The grain is a bit funky for a frame piece, but I kinda like funky and thought it could look cool next to the highly figured panel.

I tried a few different configurations until I noticed how perfectly this matched. I was sold!

Matching the grain this perfectly doesn’t seem like a big deal until you notice a few things: 

  • The panel is resawn and bookmatched 
  • These are from different boards
  • The panel is running north-south and the rail is running east-west

I couldn’t match it up that perfectly if I tried. But for the record, I’m totally taking credit for it.

Now I just hope I can get the panel and rail to line up that way in the finished piece…


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