Shootin’ up

After screwing up several aspects of the last moulding I shot, I thought I’d redo it. And I remembered to document it this time!

This time, I had the advantage of being able to trace the previous moulding, rather than making it up as I went along. Granted, there was still a lot of ad-libbing and it’s not an exact replica of the original, but it’ll do.

The first step is to rough out the curve as a series of “steps”. I started off with a plough plane, switched off to a medium shoulder plane when the cuts got too deep for the plough, and hogged off some waste with a scrub plane and jointer plane (the scrub plane takes a bigger bite, but sometimes the weight of the jointer felt more stable). Hey, I paid for all these tools, I might as well use them all, right?

Then I chamfered all the steps with a shoulder plane. The goal was to reduce the amount of material I had to remove with the moulding planes. Not only are the moulding planes much more difficult to sharpen, but their high carbon steel blades are really soft compared to the A2 blade in my shoulder plane, so they lose their edge more quickly.

Because it’s a sweeping curve, I ended up using several different moulding planes to produce the complex curve. This was also important because it allowed me to pick and choose the planes that cut better (hey, they’re a couple hundred years old, they deserve a little leeway).

Finally, I cleaned up the transitions and chatter marks with a little freehand sandpapering. Voila!

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